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What is a Mixer Party? 


Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What is a Nagoya Mixer Parties event?

Nagoya Mixer Parties hosts regular events with one goal in mind:  for people to meet and have a good time.  Our events are organized throughout the year featuring different themes, great music from Nagoya’s best DJ’s and occasionally live bands,  and are held regularly at The Red Rock Aussie Bar and Grill and Shooters Sports Bar and Grill, two of Nagoya’s most popular international bars and restaurants.


Each event features an ice-breaker game that guarantees you will meet new people and have fun as well as various prizes and giveaways. 


2.  Who attends our events?

We get a good mix of ladies and gentlemen of ages varying from early twenties to late forties. There are many people who attend as singles as our events are a good way to meet new people and create a circle of friends.  Small groups and regular attendees also join the events. also experience a good mix of Japanese, as well as foreign guests from a variety of countries such as Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand and more. You will find it a truly fun and international party.  


3.  Event Fee

Most of our events are 3,500 yen with a reservation or 4,000 yen at the door.  Event Fees for special themed events and those featuring live entertainment may be slightly higher.  The entry fees covers food, drinks and entertainment as well as prizes and other giveaways. 


4.  Food and Drink

Our parties feature a generous buffet of delicious food and an extensive all you can drink menu.  Food service starts at 18:30 and drink service is from 18:00 - 20:45.  


5.  Language 

Many of our foreign guests speak Japanese and many of our Japanese guests speak English, so whether you speak a second language or not, you're sure to find someone interesting to talk with.

Announcements and instructions are given in both English and Japanese.

6.  Attire

Our events are casual so your attire can be casual.  Wear what you would wear when you normally go to a bar or restaurant.  When our party is theme based (such as Halloween) then we encourage our guests to dress for the occasion.  However it is not required.


7.  Reservations

Your reservation helps us to plan the party and we appreciate it.   Make a reservation and you will receive a 500 yen discount off the regular price of 4,000 yen.  Group reservations of 6 people or more will receive an additional 500 yen discount.  Maximum value - 3,500 yen. 

8.  Cancellations

There is no charge if you cannot attend our events however we do appreciate if you can let us know at least 24 hours in advance by notifying us of your cancellation by email.  Please use the form on the Reservation page to cancel your reservation.


9.  Email Registration and Newsletter 

Each guest who reserves by email will automatically be added to our Mailing List to receive our weekly e-newsletter.  Our newsletter will keep you informed of upcoming events and also provide offers and information regarding special deals available at bars and restaurants in Nagoya.


If at any time you wish to not receive our weekly newsletter then you can easily opt out by selecting the link in the bottom of the email.

10.  Nagoya Mixer Parties Policy


Sushi Cabaret Club Live, June 2008.

Halloween 2012.

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