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Party Locations

Aussie Bar & Grill

The Red Rock Aussie Bar & Grill is a regular host to Nagoya Mixer Parties events. With a convenient location in Sakae near the Chunichi Building, this warm and friendly pub is a perfect place for people to meet and enjoy great food and drinks. The Red Rock is Nagoya's little bit of Down Under and is a great place to enjoy dinner or a coldie or two with your mates to catch some football or rugby.


Sports Bar & Grill

Shooters Sports Bar & Grill in Fushimi has been a long time partner and event host for Nagoya Mixer Parties. Nagoya's largest international bar is a favorite with the Ex-pats and other foreigners for it's bar and grill atmosphere and English speaking staff. It has a great variety of international dishes and with sports playing on the TV's located throughout, Shooters has the genuine feel of a US based sports bar.


Bar & Restaurant

MYBAR has been the host to several after parties for Nagoya Mixer Parties. When the first event is over and people want to continue the fun MYBAR is a great place to enjoy additional drinks, food and fun. Conveniently located across from the Nagoya TV Tower, MYBAR has a great staff, lively atmosphere and the best pizza in Nagoya!

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