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Ghost of Matsubara

Ghost of Matsubara is progressive indie rock with overtones of melodic punk and subtle hints of emo. Highs, lows, and everything in between. A poetic hurricane of heartfelt lyrical passion!





















Ghost of Matsubara (GoM) is the brainchild of singer/guitarist Tom Fallon.  Tom met drummer Mike Bagley in 2005 shortly after arriving in Japan. Both were working busily on separate musical projects, but vowed to make something happen when the time was right. Tak Kudo joined the ranks on bass in the April of 2011.


“Ghost of Matsubara” was chosen as a band name back in 2008 when singer/guitarist Tom Fallon was living in a neighborhood called “Matsubara-chome”.  Tom found himself aimlessly drifting through the quiet, dark streets at night, and as a laugh, initially for his YouTube channel’s handle, he coined the name “Ghost of Matsubara”.


As of October 2012, GoM has debuted their first major independent release, From the Ashes Not Yet Cold.  It has been embraced with rave reviews internationally, spanning not only from their home base in Japan, but reaching across the globe to America, Finland, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Canada, and England!  Local Nagoya magazine, NagMag, even featured this rocking power trio on the cover over their November 2012 issue with a two-page story and album review inside.   


























GoM’s 2012 debut follows an EP they released in December 2010, Live From A Coma, with former bass guitarist Keiko Tsuchiya.  This earlier release and GoM’s “From the Ashes Not Yet Cold” are currently available on CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.


The band is currently playing shows throughout Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.  In between live performances they have been in the studio hungrily composing intense new material for their next spine tingling album.


Ghost of Matsubara will be rocking Halloween at Nagoya Mixer Parties Halloween Bash at the Winter Garden Dance Hall in Fushimi. 


Join us for some crazy, Halloween fun!

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